2012 Workshop with Beth Brown-Reinsel.

2011 Workshop with Sally Melville

2010 Workshop with Gwen Bortner

The 2010 workshop led knitters through the twists and turns of entrelac, reversable fabric and knitting odds and ends.
Blanket by Pat Tittizer.




2009 Workshop with Janet Szabo

Janet Szabo wrote Cables, Volume 1: The Basics, Aran Sweater

2008 Workshop with Susanna Hansson

Color played an important part in both classes. Throughout, Susanna taught swatching (knitted and otherwise) to assure that similarly valued colors retained prominence.

Participants learned the Fibonacci method to create appealing stripes. We swatched several Fibonacci sequences using either colored paper or pencils then knit swatches from our sequences. Susanna showed how to make 'jogless' jogs when knitting stripes in the round.

Domino Knitting, based on Vivian Hoxbro's method, taught how to create elegant scarves using mitered diamonds. Again, we swatched with color pencils until happy with our color arrangement. We knit diamonds and edge triangles with practice yarn until ready to begin.